Should You Buy: The Hannah Knotted Bow Flip Flop Sandals – A New Day

The Hannah Knotted Bow Flip Flop Sandals

Should you buy the Hannah Knotted Bow Flip Flop Sandals?

I got these sandals at Target and they are super affordable and comfortable. I got them at Target since these sandals were at the affordable price of $14.99. When you go to the store, you tend to look at products you want to buy that are in your price range and satisfy your feet. I absolutely hate when my feet hurt or get blisters because it is so frustrating especially when you are at school or work. All you constantly think about is how much your feet hurt which distracts you from what you are suppose to be doing. That is why I think when you buy shoes it is important you go into the store and try them on before purchasing your item. The Hannah Knotted Bow Flip Flops do not hurt my feet or give me a blister when I wear them out and about. My only complaint about them that is slightly annoying is the bow does tend to slide up and down on your foot. It does look kind of weird and it looks like something is falling off your feet but in reality nothing is falling. However, when you are walking around throughout the day, it might feel like something is slipping. You might want to think about that before purchasing this item.

Questions: What is your favorite sandal to wear in the summer? Do you like Target’s sandals? Let me know in the comments below!

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