Vera Bradley Monthly and Weekly Planner Review!

My Planner!

Hi Guys!

I am a huge fan of Vera Bradley’s products, I have everything from travel size makeup bags, purses, and of course cute things for my desk! Ever since I started college I been obsessed with Vera Bradley’s planners because they help me stay so organized! They even have the cutest pens to match! My planner is in the pattern Felicity Paisley Pink.

I had a lot of classes to keep up with and I really loved the format it had for school. There is a monthly outlook where I usually put my personal life stuff like hanging with friends, doctor appointments, vacations, etc. On the weekly outlook is where I would map out my homework for classes for example exams, quizzes, and papers. I think this planner works so well for school which I absolutely love. Now, it has been a bit difficult layout for summer because I never know how I should use the weekly outlook. Yes, I’m obviously working on my blog this summer but since it’s not like an intense schedule it’s been difficult. For now I have just been putting important events in my phone, laptop, or just using the monthly outlook in my planner. I hope I find something for it, if you guys have ideas let me know down below! Otherwise, it is really helpful for school and it is super cute!

I even use the stickers it comes with! Yes, it comes with a page of stickers but I also purchase some stickers off of Amazon as well. I found the cutest stickers on there by the brand Bloom Daily Planners I really love their stickers! They are great quality and they do not side off which is great. I do like the stickers that come with the Vera Bradley’s Planner but I did not use them as much as the others. The reason is because a lot of the stickers did not match exactly what I do in my life. Which is fine not everyone lives the same life schedule so I went on Amazon to look for some that fit best for me. I hope you guys found this review helpful and I hope you have a great day!

Questions: What’s your go-to planner? How do you use your planner? Let me know in the comments down below!

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