Ariana Grande God is a Woman Perfume Review!

God is a Woman

Hi Guys!

I wanted to do a review of Ariana Grande’s new perfume that recently came out last month! It took me awhile to get my hands on this perfume because I feel like it sold out at every Ulta Beauty store. I only got the travel size because that is all my store had! I feel like I am going to be going through this perfume quick! Although, I like having it small so I can stick it in my backpack and take it to school with me. I wish the travel size was not so thin and be more like the bottle of the roller balls.

Now, for the scent. The scent is not bad but I feel like it is not for me. I usually like sweet smells but this one does not have that sweet smell. To me it kind of reminds me of floral and woodsy scent. It does have some sweetness when it is on after a bit but it is not very strong.

The other thing that I am not a fan of is that it does not last long. I feel like Ariana’s other perfumes last longer but this was just as good as Bath and Body Works body mists. My overall favorite from Ariana is Sweet like Candy perfume. Although this was not one of my favorites, I will use it because I do not hate it. This perfume was just not for me and I will not be purchasing again.

Questions: Have you tried God is a Woman Perfume? What is your fav perfume by Ariana Grande? Let me know in the comments down below?

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