How to Dress for an Interview?

Hi Girls!

I wanted to do a blog post on what to wear for an interview and thought it will be helpful! This past spring I been working on finding an internship and at first I had no idea what to wear. I thought to write a blog post of what I learned to wear to help any of you who might be in the same boat. Weather or not you are looking for an internship or a job in general it can be overwhelming on how to come off professional for that first impression. Interviewing can be scary in general and finding what to wear should not give you more of a headache. So I am going to give you three different ideas on what you can wear so that way you can rock that interview and get that job!

The first outfit I got here is this cute skirt, I thought it was long enough and comfortable too because you do not want to wear something that could ruin your interview! I like that it is light so that way I could not get as hot because when I get nervous I get hot! I also paired it with this nice button down shirt that is soft, light, and comfortable too. I got this outfit at Tjmaxx for a great price as well, because who said dressing professional had to be expensive?

Interview Look 1

The second outfit I got are these light colored pants and they are super comfortable too! I think these look super professional and they are so comfy! I also paired it with this black top that is also super cute and comfy! This outfit also came from Tjmaxx at an affordable price as well, the total of this outfit and the one above was $67.

Interview Look 2

The third outfit I called this outfit my “zoom meeting outfit” I thought it was cute enough for an interview on zoom. I was having a lot of interviews actually on zoom so I was wearing this one quite a bit. Only one of my interviews ended up being in person but this outfit worked for a zoom interview! I thought this blouse was super cute and I paired it with these nice capris! I love the dots I think it gives it something other than plain black! I got this outfit at Jcpennys!

Interview Look 3

I really hope these tips help, I know I was confused at first but I am happy to share ideas with y’all! Let me know down below if you are interviewing, getting an internship, or a new job this year?!

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