What I Learned So Far After A Month Of Blogging

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Hi Guys!

My blog is not that old, in fact really I just started it about a month ago. With that said, I wanted to go over some things I have learned along the way. The first thing that I learned along the way is that I had to maintain a schedule. It is hard to get a routine that you are not use to. Although it was easy to start because right now I’m on summer break, it did take me about two weeks to get into a “good” routine. I posted on my blog that my blog posts will go up Mondays and Thursdays. Every week so far that has been happening and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it continues. You have to be very consistence and I learned that it does take awhile to build momentum. My thing is to not give up on what I like doing and you shouldn’t either! Some things take time and this experience has taught me a lot about patience.

I have been starting off by getting my ideas from social media such as Instagram Reels and YouTube. I like seeing what is trending so I can see peoples’ interests. I also do a mix of products that I like using in my personal life. A couple days before my posting days I write rough drafts for my blogs. It is extremely helpful so all my ideas are on one page then if I think of another one later on, I can just add to it.

For my social media I been using Instagram and Twitter so far and I do not want to or plan on using Facebook because I am trying to target a younger audience. I also like Instagram’s and Twitter’s platform better and am more familiar with it. I have been liking twitter because I can easily connect it to my WordPress account. I configured WordPress to automatically send a tweet whenever I publish a new blog post. It’s super easy to use which I have been enjoying. As for Instagram I have not been posting much lately because I am still setting it up. My plan going forward is to post every single day and I want to use that for my videos, pictures, engaging with my audience, etc. However, my blog is still very new and I do not have much of an audience as of right now but I hope that in the future it will grow. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me and I am looking forward to it!

Questions: Do you guys have any advice? How did you start your blog? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Hi girls! My name is Sarah, I absolutely love makeup and fashion! I cannot wait to help y'all out! A few fun facts: I love Dance, Netflix, and the Beach. Blog posts will go up on Sunday's.

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