Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow Review

Colour Pop

Hi Guys!

I wanted to go over a new makeup brand that I have never used before. Colour Pop has been coming up alot on my Instagram feed so I thought I would try it out! I decided to go to Ulta Beauty last week and try some of their Super Shock Shadow because I was running out of eyeshadow. I like to buy single color palettes and not a whole palette. This works best for me because I do not like to wear a lot of makeup in general or on my eyelids. I like to look as natural as I can and I like to buy light colors as well. This eyeshadow color is called Bubbly and it reminds me of like a bubble gum flavor. Of course it is a pink color because I am obsessed with pink. I really like how it has sparkles, that is what really got my attention because it is so pretty and who doesn’t want to sparkle “duh”.

I think the color is so pretty but the thing that bugged me about it is that the color does not really show on your eyes. It just looks like I have glitter wiped across my eyes so maybe it is used more as a top coat? I’m not sure but if it is, I wish it would say something like that because there is no color on my eyelids that I can see. I think the sparkles are pretty but I thought the eyeshadow will have some color to it as well. Now for just having sparkles showing up on your face I thought it was good that it lasted as long as it did. It lasted me all day which I liked and it did not fade away after like 5 min like some eyeshadow does.

Overall, I really enjoyed trying this product out for ya and I love trying new makeup, plus new makeup always makes you feel good! I hope you guys have a really good day!

Questions: Do you use colour cosmetics? Have you tried the super shock shadow? Let me know in the comments below!

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