Bath and Body Works Firecracker Pop Body Cream Review

Firecracker Pop Body Cream!

Hi Guys!

I wanted to talk to you guys about the new Bath and Body Works body cream I just got the scent Firecracker Pop and it smells so good. I am obsessed with bath and body works for a long time. I been going to Bath and Body Works since I was a child. The scents are super unique for each product.

The Firecracker Pop body cream feels really creamy. I usually get the lotion but I decided to get the body cream this time. The body cream feels thicker and I think it lasts a little longer. I do not think it’s that big of a difference from the lotion though. The scent is not too strong and it does not bother me like some scents do. I think the scent is really fun for summer though. It really gives me 4th of July vibes because of the Firecracker name. I think it is super cute that they came up with this fun summer scent. The fragrance scent notes are red cherry, fresh citrus, and juicy berry. I definitely smell the berry and I think these combos are mixed really well. No one scent is more over powering than the other. I really love this scent and I think it is my new favorite summer scent and I cannot wait to wear it more this year!

Questions: What’s your favorite scent? Do you prefer lotion or cream? Let me know in the comments down below!

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