Summer Vacation, Galveston TX !

Galveston Island

Hi Guys!

Today I wanted to write about my summer vacation I took last week and give you some tips on your next beach vacation! I am a sucker for the beach and I absolute love it, I go to the beach with my family at least twice a year. Usually, during the summer and during spring break if we all find the time to get together. This year we decided to plan a vacation with my extended family as well because of this past year being so crazy with Covid-19. We did not see much of my grandparents, my aunt, or my cousins so we decided to all get together this summer! It was so much fun and I really enjoyed spending time with my family. During this vacation we rented a house off of AirBNB and the house was in a great location close to the beach so we could walk to it. We were two houses down from the beach and you cannot beat that! The best part is they had an ice cream man come down in his truck to serve ice cream on the beach. There was also enough space for all nine of us to sleep since we were having extended family staying. What I love about Galveston is that you are allow to drive on the beach and we did that so would not have to carry everything back and forth. I think it is great that they make everything so close.

What I also loved is that you can have your dogs on the beach. I think this is so helpful because you do not have to worry about boarding your dog at the vet or paying all that money to board them. My dog is a 10 pound mini poodle so she is super easy to travel with and we usually travel with her a lot. Galveston also has a lot convenient stores for your grocery shopping, gas, restaurants, etc. They also have a place in downtown Galveston called “The Strand” and this where you can buy jewelry and gifts. I call it beach stores because they have cute souvenirs you can buy for yourself, friends, and family.

I did only stay three nights and four days so I was not there for that long of a period. I mainly just went to the beach and of course visited “The Strand”. I did have so much fun though going to the beach and getting some sun. Because I am SO pale, I did get a pretty bad sunburn but I am glad I got sometime in the sun. The other cool thing I love is that they have the most prettiest seashells I have ever seen. I love collecting seashells and I think it is such a must do on a beach vacation. Whoelse collects seashells? I know I do and I am obsessed. I am so grateful I got to spend time with my family after a long period of time of not seeing them.

Questions: Where do you like to go for your beach vacation? What is your favorite part about it? Let me know in the comments down below!

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