School Supplies Review

Back to school!

Hi Guys!

I wanted to talk to you guys about school supplies! I know a lot of students are starting to go back to school now. For me it is a tad early because I do not go back until August 30th. I wanted to start shopping for my supplies because all the good stuff goes quickly. I am a college student so getting school supplies is a big must for me. If you wanna know all my little tips and tricks stay tuned.

My favorite store to shop at for school supplies is Target. I think they have the best school supply section compare to any other store. I always shop at Target for backpacks, notebooks, pens, etc. First thing I got is a backpack because of course we need one of those. The backpack I recently had broke and was used for a good four years, so I needed an upgrade. Now because of Covid-19 most of my classes are still online. However, I am going into one class which I am excited for because this whole past year was entirely online! Anyways, I got a regular size backpack, not too big or too small. I did not want anything big because I am only going in for one class. This backpack caught my eye because of the pretty cool color and the different ways you can carry it! I like that it has handles so you can just pick it up. I think if you travel this could be handy as well. Of course you can wear it as a backpack. The backpack also fits my 14-inch laptop along with all my school supplies. Which goes into my next topic.

Now, for being a college student you have to write a lot of notes. I picked up this cute notebook to take my notes in. I love the different pastel colors and it looks so cheerful to look at which will brighten up my day! I think having a cute notebook makes taking notes more fun! On the inside it has hot pink on the back cover as well as wide rule paper. This is perfect for me because I tend to write bigger and I am so excited to use this for my fall semester.

The next thing I got are note cards, these are really helpful for studying for exams. I usually use Quizlet to study for my exams so I do not usually use the note cards for that. However, I use them if I need to write something down that I can not remember for the exam. Then I look at it when I need that help because my professor would allow us to have a note card to use on the exam. So, I like to get them just in case because you never know which professor will allow that.

I also picked up two big erasers. I usually write in pen when taking notes but on exams I use pencil. You never now if you might need to change an answer or if you will make a mistake. I find using an eraser extremely helpful on my exams. The last thing I picked up are some sticky notes which I actually found at Kroger. They were only $5 which I thought was not bad, plus I really like the color because they will stand out in my textbook. I like to jot down quick notes sometimes when I am reading a textbook. Most of the textbooks I use are rented so I can not write down my notes in the textbook. Sticky notes are a life saver so you can remember “the Key Terms” in your reading for that week.

This concludes my blog and I hope you all have an amazing semester this fall. I also hope you have an amazing day!

Questions: Where do you get your school supplies? What is your must have supply for school? Let me know in the comments down below!

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