My Everyday Makeup Routine

What’s in my makeup bag?

Hi Guys!

I am super excited to talk to you about my everyday makeup routine! I have a video of the whole thing on my IG page. I will leave a link right here! Also checkout my IG page @sarahlovespink_slp. Every girl does their makeup different, there is no right way that’s what I love about makeup. I am not telling you how to do your makeup, this is how I do mine.

The first thing I do is go in with my favorite concealer by Cover Girl. I like to use this to hide any blemishes I might have and it works perfect! I also use the liquid concealer for my under eyes. I get dark circles and I like to use the brush this concealer has to apply it. This way all my dark circles aren’t noticeable. After I do my concealers I put on my Maybelline Fit Me Powder. This helps bend everything and also helps cover anything I do not want to be seen. This my absolute favorite powder. I have been using this powder since middle school and it has been my go to ever since. Now for my eyes, I have been using the Stila liquid eyeshadow in the shade kitty. It is such a pretty color and I love the liquid for summer because it has a nice glow. Then I have been using my Essence I Love Extreme Mascara, I like how big it makes lashes because it makes them more noticeable. I have a whole blog about it here . If you wanna check it out.

For my blush I use the Palladio brand from Sally Beauty. It is in the color blushing and I absolutely think the color is stunning. This has been my favorite blush this past summer. Lastly, I use the Pixi lip gloss in the shade candy. OMG so I love this lip gloss so much. It gives me all the summer vibes. It is shimmery and has a nice glow to it. I highly recommend it and it is not so sticky when you apply it. If your looking for a good lip gloss I highly suggest you go buy this one.

Overall, I hope you enjoyed reading about my makeup routine and I hope you have an awesome day!

Questions: What makeup products do you use? What is a makeup product you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Hi girls! My name is Sarah, I absolutely love makeup and fashion! I cannot wait to help y'all out! A few fun facts: I love Dance, Netflix, and the Beach. Blog posts will go up on Sunday's.

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