MILANI Rose Powder Blush

Rose Powder Blush

Hi Guys!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I wanted to talk to you guys about this blush I recently purchased. I love blush, I think it is one of my favorite makeup products. I use it obviously for my cheeks but I also put some on my nose and chin to give more color. I am so pale so having that extra color really helps especially because I do not use bronzer or anything like that. I got this blush at Target and I thought it looked so cute, it has a rose carved into it. I never seen a blush that has a rose carved into it like this. The shade is Wild Rose and I really like this color, I have gotten this color in other brands of makeup. This is my first time using a MILANI product as well and I think their quality is amazing. This blush lasted the whole day and it did not wear off. Their blush has to be one of favorites. Well… all blush is my favorite I have never worn a blush that I have not been please with, which is so crazy. I am so glad that I have not ran into trouble with having to find the perfect blush. I feel like you cannot go wrong with any blush because all them give you the kind of color you need. I like how this one has a cute design on it and how it looks so shinny on my skin. I think this is the perfect blush for a summer look now and will also transition going into fall!

Questions: What brand is you favorite blush? Is blush one of your favorite makeup products? Let me know in the comments down below!

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