Apple Air Pods Worth It?

Apple Air Pods

Hi Guys!

I am super excited to talk to you guys about my new Apple Air Pods! I know I am the last person on earth probably to update to the Air Pods, but I finally did it! I got these about a week ago so I have had about a week to test them out. Anyways, as you all probably know they are wireless and they hookup to my iPhone and Apple Watch with no problem. They also connect to any other IOS devices but these are the only Apple devices that I own currently. I like how when I do my walks I can just connect my Air Pods to my Apple Watch and not have to bring my phone because I do not wanna be carrying my phone when I out walking in my neighborhood. It is super convenient to have these features and just makes my life easier and I absolutely love that.

Now, I do not know if they connect to non Apple devices, I have a HP laptop that I mainly use for school and I still use my old fashion ear buds because these laptops still have the input for them. I am confused if it would work on my laptop or not because according to Google search it can. If you know if it does or not let me know down below! I would like to know what else these Air Pods can do. So far I have been enjoying them and I look forward to using them for when I get back to school. I like listening to some music while studying and this will be perfect for those days back in the library. Hopefully they keep working great!

Questions? What Air Pods do you have? What are your favorite wireless headphones? Let me know in the comments down below!

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