Cousins Maine Lobster Roll Review

Maine Lobster Roll

Hi Guys!

I wanted to do a quick review of this amazing food truck that came to my neighborhood this week. This summer my neighborhood has been letting food trucks come once a week to our neighborhood to try different types of food. I thought this was a super cool idea so we have a different variety of foods to try. The food truck that came this week was called Cousins Maine Lobster. They had all these different types of Lobster and Whoopie Pies for dessert. I got the lobster roll and it was basically a warm New England roll with chunks of lobster. It was so good and I liked it very much. I did not know if I would like lobster because I actually have never had it. They also had whoopie pies which was something different that I tried as well. I never had a whoopie pie before either and that finished my whole meal off with a perfect touch. I am usually a big salmon girl but I think lobster might be my new favorite now. I would recommend checking out their website at

I never ate from food trucks before as much and I like having this experience of trying different foods. After a while you kind of get tired of the same old stuff, at least I do. I think this was a cool idea and I hope next summer my neighborhood keeps the tradition going. Plus I like giving small businesses some business, if you wanna check it out I attach their menu below!

Questions: Do you like to try new foods? What food truck business is you favorite? Let me know in the comments down below!

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