2021 Sarah Loves Pink Recap

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A lot has happen this past year and although 2021 was a little different it was still a good year! I wanted to share some of my memories from 2021! I started the year out by getting more into fitness, survived a freeze with no power and no water for about 4 days, graduated with my Associate’s degree, started a blog, Got to go on more vacations as things started to re-open up, Went to a drive-in movie for the first time, and I got vaccinated and a booster!

I thought it would be fun to share these fun memories! Let’s look back at some of my favorite blogs that were written this past year!

Favorite Trip of 2021!

My favorite vacation this year was when my family and I went to Galveston this past summer! It was so much fun because my whole mom’s side of the family came and we have not seen them since the pandemic started until this past June! I really enjoyed that time with my whole family and it was great we could all enjoy the beach together! I mean who does not love relaxing by the water and enjoying some time with some family? It was so nice to catch up and spend some quality time together plus Galveston makes family vacations easier by making everything so convenient! You can read about my Galveston experience here!

Galveston Island

Most Read Blog Post

I do not think I ever answered this question but my most read blog post in 2021 was the Coach Mini Camera Bag review! I absolutely love writing reviews and telling you my opinions about them. If you would like to check out my most reviewed post I’ll link it here!

Coach Mini Camera Bag and ID Case!

Favorite Blog Post in May 2021

This was my favorite and most warn Liquid Lipstick that I worn this past year! You can check it out here!

A Few of my Fav’s

Favorite Blog Post in June 2021

My Favorite blog post in June was the Ubeesize ring light tripod! This really changed my life and it is every bloggers need! You can check it out here!

Photo by Dalila Dalprat on Pexels.com

Favorite Blog Post in July 2021

My favorite blog post in July was My Everyday Make Up Routine! I love sharing how I am currently doing my make up and it’s a nice place to explore new ideas! Check it out here

What’s in my make up bag?

Favorite Blog Post in August 2021

My favorite blog post in August was the Cousins Maine Lobster Roll review! This was something a little bit different that I brought to my blog. I really enjoyed trying new foods and sharing to you my honest opinion about it! Check it out here

Maine Lobster Roll

Favorite Blog Post in September 2021

My favorite blog post in September was the Fall Look Book! I absolutely love doing these because I love dressing up for y’all and showing my style! I love clothes so much and can never stop talking about it because knowing what to wear is super important to me! Check it out here!

Look Book Outfit #1


I want to take the time and say thank you to those who took the time this past year to read my blog posts. I wish everyone the best for 2022! Also let me know down below which was your favorite blog post that you read in 2021 from Sarah Loves Pink!

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Hi girls! My name is Sarah, I absolutely love makeup and fashion! I cannot wait to help y'all out! A few fun facts: I love Dance, Netflix, and the Beach. Blog posts will go up on Sunday's.

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  1. Love how abasing your blog site has become! I enjoy all of them, and you always point out the nearest products that I would have overlooked! So proud of you!

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