Product Review: Pacifica Day and Night Cream

Pacifica Day and Night cream worth it?

Hey everyone! Do you have problems finding the right moisturizer? I know I do, I can’t say enough on how many times I have switched moisturizers. They either end up breaking me out or just feel like they are clogging my pores and making everything worse. I do not write a lot about skin care products but I had to write a review about the Pacifica moisturizer. I picked this up on my Target run last week because I always get most of my beauty products from Target. I have use Pacifica’s products before, mainly their makeup and I absolutely love their makeup. They are vegan and cruelty free which is great! I love using products that are vegan and cruelty free, they also use recycled packaging. All good things to keep the world a better place. I feel like that is one the main reasons I love their products. The other reason is I think the pink and purple gets me is because I am just attracted to really girly colors and labels.

Now, for the product itself. This moisturizer feels so refreshing but it is a little thicker than I thought it would be, so I hope it does not clog my pores. I think this is a good face cream for the fall and winter because it is thicker. I am not all that into thick creams but I think it will help with my skin in the colder months. Since it is still like 80 degrees here in Texas I will be using my lighter moisturizes until it gets colder. I will definitely be using this more when it is cooler. The smell is a good scent, it is like a fresh clean smell nothing too strong or too light.

Pacifica Day and Night Cream

I am usually really picky about my moisturizers that is why I do not have a favorite yet. The first one I ever owned was actually sent to me in a fabfitfun box. That was the Tarte H2O moisturizer and I think that is my favorite moisturizer but the price is not so friendly. I am trying to find a good drug store brand and have been struggling. This Pacifica seems like a good moisturizer for the fall and winter but I still need a good one for spring and summer. I would also like to know if there is anything that is good all year around because that would help too!

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