Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale Haul

Who participated in the Lilly sale? I did! Wasn’t it so much fun? 🙂

Lilly Pulitzer Haul

What did I get?

As you know one of my favorite designers is Lilly Pulitzer and I wanted to talk to you guys about my experience shopping her Sunshine Sale! Lilly has a annual sale that only happens twice a year which I think is crazy! The whole rest of the year there is not really much of a sale going on a so when that sales comes, I make sure I can get some Lilly. Now because I am a broke college student I do not spend a whole lot of money. Lilly is pretty expensive so these are the only times I actually shop at Lilly Pulitzer but I love her clothing so much. If I could express my personality in clothing, Lilly will absolutely be it!

Now for these sales I usually make a list of the things I want because it can be overwhelming. I only got one clothing item in the sale so this will be a short haul type blog. I did get a purse as well but since were talking about clothes we will stick to that. Let me know down below if you would like me to do a purse review! So I got the Elsa Top in a print celled Cockatoo Pink Pretty, in Pink. I think this a interesting name but I absolutely love the print. It is so pretty and I love all the bright colors. That is one reason I am going to miss summer fashion. I am a huge fall girl but I also love my bright colors! Anyways, I think this pattern is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to wear it next spring.

Lilly Sunshine Sale

I was originally going to get a cardigan because I did want a Lilly piece I could wear for fall but they ran out so quick. One my favorite bloggers recommended the Elsa Top and they had some left in my size so I grabbed it quick. My favorite blogger’s website is: if you would like to check out her blog. I was upset that I couldn’t get the cardigan but I am in love with this Elsa Top and I do not regret getting it. It has been on my list so I did luck out!

Overall, I am glad I got what I did, I know a lot of people complained they did not get what they wanted but I did. Not exactly what I wanted but I still think the sale was a good experience. Not like they had nothing on my list. I am super grateful for the Lilly sale and I will be enjoying my items. Let me know if you shopped the Lilly sale and tell me about your experience!

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