Hair Tool Review: Revlon One Step Hair Drier and Volumizer

Revlon One Step Hair Drier

Hey everyone, happy Friday!

I have a fun hair tool to talk about in this week’s blog post that I been dying to try out! I been seeing a lot of bloggers/influencers using these one step hair dryers on Instagram reels and YouTube feeds. I wanted to get my hands on this to see what all the hype was about. So I will like to do a review on this product and maybe go into more detail with this in a Vlog!

So I got the Revlon One Step Hair Drier on Amazon and it was on sale for $34 and still is! I thought that was a steal because I do like to save as much money as I can! I know drybar and L’ange have their own one step hair driers that are similar to this one but they were too expensive in my opinion. I watched a lot of YouTube videos on what people mostly thought was their favorite and it was surprisingly the Revlon. I’ve had this for a couple of weeks now and been getting the hang of it every time I have used it. From what I understand is that your suppose to section your hair into three different sections and then pull your hair away from your face in a brushing kind of motion. It feels like you are literally brushing your hair, like I am not kidding! I only do this once or two times a week because of how hot it can get, like it does get hot so I do not want to damage my hair. Obviously you would not want to either so I try not to use this constantly on my hair and I would not recommend doing so. It also leaves no frizz which I thought was insane, like usually with a regular hair drier my hair be a big frizzy mess. I just thought you would like to know that tip because us girls do not like frizz.

I heard that the higher end ones do not get as hot, now I have not tried drybars or L’ange’s One Step Hair Driers that is just what I heard from different reviews on social media. What is good about Revlon that I like is that because it does get a bit hotter it does dry your hair faster which I think is a plus, just like I said I would not use this more than twice a week. Overall I really love this hair drier and I might get rid of my regular hair drier because I will probably never use it again! Let me know down below which brand you love from the one step hair driers!

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