Spring Clothing Lookbook

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Hello Everyone!

Spring is in the air and I am super excited to show y’all some spring content! Spring is such a pretty season and it makes me feel so much better after having dark gloomy days from the winter. I love spring fashion even though fall is my favorite season! I love wearing bright colors, skirts, shorts, and dresses of course. I feel like spring and summer have more of a varity in fashion than just wearing jeans so much in the winter. Like from my previous look books I am going to show you three of my favorite ways to dress for the spring season. I hope this gives you some ideas for what kind of fashion you are looking for this spring season.

Lookbook #1

The first outfit we are going to talk about is from Francesca’s! I am obsessed with this maxi skirt because it really gives me all the vacation feels. It is such a pretty green and it feels super light so it is not something you will get hot in easy at all. I love the ruffles on the bottom, I feel like that really gives it that really girly look and plus ruffles are just cute! I feel like ruffles add so much to the outfit. I also got this black bodysuit to go with the outfit which is super pretty. I really like the one shoulder feature because I have nothing else like that. I love when outfits have these little details because I love trying them all out!

Lookbook #2

The second outfit we are going to talk about is this skirt from Shein. This is my favorite skirt to wear in the spring and summer because it is the perfect shade of pink. I like how girly this skirt makes me feel and it is not too heavy. The skirt is the perfect length on me because I am tall for a girl but I have no issues with this skirt. Also, do not worry because it is not see through. It has a white lining underneath which is pretty thick but does not make you too hot. I know in the summer sometimes it gets so hot but this skirt does not make me feel that way at all. I also just paired it with a white blouse I got from Target awhile back but I’m sure Target has all kinds of while blouses you can pick from that are not the same as mine.

Lookbook #3

The third outfit we are going to talk about is one that we have talked about a lot on this blog already! The Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top. I got this in the after party sale last fall and I am so excited to wear it this spring and summer! I will tag the after party sale blog post here. I love Lilly’s patterns don’t you? I think this top is super unique and puts some color in my spring wardrobe.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Spring Look Book and has a wonderful spring/Easter season! Let me know down below which outfit was your favorite 😊

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