Gift Guide: Top 10 Gift Ideas for College Girls 2022!

Hi Girls! Happy Saturday!

I wanted to do my yearly gift ideas for college girls! I am so ready for Christmas and I cannot wait to share with y’all my favorite gift ideas! Shopping for college students can get overwhelming. So sit down and relax while I spill some tea on what college girls think is cool to use. I hope this makes your shopping less stressful and more fun!

So this first item is the Stanley cup, this has been a big hit this year and I bet you have seen this cup already. I know it’s been all over Instagram and tiktok so duh I am going to add this cup. I have a “off” brand of this and it has been super helpful especially for hot summer beach days here in Texas! So if you know someone who is a big beach person like me and lives in the south where it is hot, I recommend this cup for a gift idea!

The next item we are going to add is Revlon One Step Hair Drier, I am obsessed with this hair dryer. I got this for my birthday from my parents and I cannot find anything wrong with it. It dries my hair so fast and makes my hair feel so soft! I highly recommend this for a gift idea, if you love doing hair!

The next item we are going to talk about is this gift set from Sephora. I think Sephora’s gift sets makes the perfect gift for your makeup lover friends. Lol that would be me, because I am obviously obsessed with makeup, duh that’s why I have a beauty blog. Anyways, The Rare Beauty Mini Kind Words Matte Lip Duo is so beautiful and cute! It would be the perfect stocking stuffer because it is the right size, and super affordable!

All right the next one is going to be a Victoria’s Secret item because we just got to add it, their stuff is so cute and pink lol. I think their slippers are adorable and make the perfect Christmas present because ya know it is winter so we got to feel cozy!

The next item is Airpods, now these are on the more expensive side because duh you need to be able to listen to music, just kidding. Anyways they are super useful for Zoom calls to attend class online, are super useful to listen to lectures, and will be useful for other daily activities.

Let’s go with another electronic item. I feel like every girl needs a fast and good quality laptop. Especially for nowadays because more colleges moved online and are not doing as much in person classes. This way us college girls can stay productive and be able to make it to our online lectures.

Next I recommend this Kendra Scott book! This book is so inspiring like it helps me remember what my goals are in life. I feel like this book is really good for anyone who needs a lift up in their life, this book makes me want to achieve all my goals!

Let’s do a perfume, now every person obviously might have their own favorite scents. So, if you give this gift you have to really know the person or know exactly what they like. Just for the sake of showing a picture I will leave my favorite perfume here!

For this idea, I think every college in history needs! Like we need coffee, like it is a big must so I recommend a Keurig as a gift. They are so helpful and make your cup of coffee for the day, perfect! They have different colors to choose from, just obvious I like the pink one!

Last idea I have to make it 10, is a satin pillow case! I got one of these last year for Christmas and I love it! The satin pillow case prevents hair breakage and less acne issues, and they feel so soft and silky to sleep on! I will attach a photo below of the one I have it was super affordable, was found at Ulta Beauty!

I hope this will help, I cannot wait for the holidays this year, I’ve had a rough past couple of years and I am ready to spend time with family and ready for a new year! My biggest thing next year is to finally transfer to a university! Let me know your holiday plans, and what you are most excited about for 2023?!

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