2022 Sarah Loves Pink Recap

Hey Girls!

Happy 2023! I can’t believe 2022 has came to an end, it’s crazy how time flies by. 2022 was a little challenging for me, was just one of those years for me but it it was still a good year. I started the year trying to journal more often, then helping my best friend move, I did have to say goodbye to my doggie unfortunately, went to California, survived Covid-19, met Kendra Scott, got another booster, and was finally able to transfer to a university! Wow, what a year I had and I’m really excited for starting this new year off at new school to finish my bachelor’s degree!

I thought it would be fun to share these fun memories! Let’s look back at some of my favorite blogs that were written this past year!

Favorite Trip of 2022!

My favorite trip this year? This will have to be tough to choose because I enjoyed all my vacations this year for different reasons! I am going have to go with Florida though because it was the last one I ever took this year with my dog. Plus it’s always nice to do a little family vacation! My family and I met my grandparents in Florida and we enjoyed walking my dog on the beach, eating at some unique places, and lastly some cool shopping at the pier! I will link this Blog post because it goes into more detail! here

Most Read Blog Post

This continues to be my most read blog post going on now for 2 years! The Coach Mini Camera Bag review! I absolutely love writing reviews and telling you my opinions about them. If you would like to check out my most reviewed post I’ll link it here

Favorite Blog Post in January!

My favorite blog post in January was my last years recap! Read all about it here

2021 Recap

Favorite Blog Post in April!

I really liked how my spring Look Book came together, since spring will be here before you know it I figured to share this! I will link it here

Favorite Blog Post in May!

In May I really liked writing about my Ulta haul, I think these reviews are super important! This way you know what products are good! here

Favorite Blog post in June!

In May I had a crazy month with trying to finish up school and going to my cousins graduation in California! I posted this trip though in June! I have a blog post all about my trip here

Favorite Blog Post in July!

This month I really enjoyed sharing what my swimsuit hauls, I really hope this helped you find that summer swimsuit you were looking for! here

Favorite Blog Post in August!

This month I had my first ever Bath and Body Works Halloween haul! This was so fun, they always have the cutest things! Will share here

Favorite Blog Post in September!

I shared some fun memories with my best friend, we had a cute little girls trip! I have not had one since the pandemic and I was overdue! I will share the link here

Favorite Blog Post In November!

In November I went over some gift ideas, I really hope this made your holiday shopping easier! I will share more details here

I hope everyone had a fantastic year, I really am looking forward to the new year and wish the best for all of you! Thank you to those who have been supportive of me since the beginning and thank you for those who are new to my blog. I am going to try some new things here on the blog this year! I am excited to see what this New Year will bring to Sarah Loves Pink! Let me know down below, your favorite blog post from this past year 🙂

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Hi girls! My name is Sarah, I absolutely love makeup and fashion! I cannot wait to help y'all out! A few fun facts: I love Dance, Netflix, and the Beach. Blog posts will go up on Sunday's.

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