Pink Beachy Bracelet

Pink Beachy Bracelet


I wanted to talk to you girls about my new bracelet that I got a couple weeks ago. I got this bracelet in Galveston, TX on our summer vacation a couple weeks ago. I have a blog about it, if you wanna check that out here!

Anyways so this bracelet came in different colors, Dusty Orange, Maroon, etc. I got pink and it was the last one! I absolutely love this color of pink. It looks like a different kind of pink that I do not have. I love that it has gold metal because I love gold. I feel like it matches my Apple Watch because it has rose gold and pink. I think the white pearl tops it off and completes the whole beach look. I love wearing pink and obviously it is my favorite color so I been getting a lot of wear out of this bracelet recently. I feel like pink is such a bright and happy color for summer so I wear it a lot during this season. It matches and basically goes with anything. I love that I can style it with most of my outfits.

There were not whole lot of choices because this was a little boutique. I wish I knew the name of the store, there were a lot of little shops along “The Strand” with unique stuff and different from any store you usually go to. I love shopping at the beach because of this reason and I am a huge sucker for jewelry at the beach. I like beach jewelry for the vibes of summer because I feel like it just completes your outfit’s look, right? If your ever in Galveston I highly recommend making a visit to “The Strand”.

Questions: What’s your go to bracelet for the summer? What is your fav summer jewelry accessory? Let me know in the comments down below!

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