Coach Mini Camera Bag Review

Coach Mini Camera Bag and ID Case!

Hi Guys!

I wanted to talk to you about my new Coach bag! I love this bag so much, it is one of my favorite summer bags and you will find out why here soon! This bag is perfect for the summer season but I would not really wear this bag in any other season.

So this bag is called the mini camera bag and it is in the Popsicle print. This is why I think is is perfect for summer! I mainly fell in love with this bag because of the print and the color! Like obviously pink is my color and I think you have figured that out. I found this bag on a Facebook Ad by randomly scrolling through my feed, I knew it would probably be expensive but I checked the website to see if there were any sales! Good news, there was a sale! When I got on the website I saw that the bag was $89 and the matching ID case was $29. I thought that was a steal because normally that bag is in the $200’s. I got this bag back in June and I have had it for about a month now. Unfortunately this bag is not on their website anymore. They do have other designs in the mini camera bag if you are interested. You would need to go to to see some of these good sales.

To conclude this review, the bag was smaller then I thought when I ordered it online but it actually did fit more than I originally thought. The bag has two card slips and one slip pocket on the inside. It also has a slip pocket on the back which I thought was super helpful because I can slip things in and out quickly.

Overall, I really am enjoying the bag and I love sharing my honest opinions with you! I hope you have a great weekend!

Questions: Do you have a Coach bag? Which style do you have? Let me know in the comments down below!

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3 thoughts on “Coach Mini Camera Bag Review

  1. I’ve never had a Coach bag due to cost but I’m hoping for future bargain deals like you got. Please let me know if you see amy coming up.

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