Beauty Favorites for the Month of September

Do you have favorite beauty products that you use every month? I know, I do and I would like to share a few of mine! I feel like I always spend a lot of money on makeup and I always like trying new makeup, skin care, perfumes, etc. When I go into Ulta Beauty I get in trouble because I always spend more then what I tell myself to spend. I love being able to look at the new stuff coming in and being able to try it out, plus it is a good excuse to write another blog post! I think it is super important to find exactly what works best for you because not all beauty products work well for the same person.

September Favs #1

My first favorite for this month is the Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy rollerball perfume. I love using rollerballs for my purse because they are the perfect size. Not only do I love Ariana Grande’s perfumes but this one of my favorites that I been using a lot this past month. I did do a review on this not too long ago, if you wanna check that out here! It has that sweet smell I like and I am really into sweet smells because they make me think of sweets. I love eating some good sweets and you just gotta love the smell right? Plus the scent really smells like candy and who wouldn’t want to smell like candy?

September Favs #2

My second favorite for this month is the Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake body lotion. Like I said before I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works because I just love all their smells. It reminds me of what some bakeries smell like which is a good thing. I love shopping there around fall and Christmas time because that is when most of the sweet smells are out! During the spring and summer I still get some their beach scents because I am a sucker for the beach. Anyways, I have the Pumpkin Cupcake for this season now and I absolutely love it. It reminds me of all the fall vibes and just puts me in a better mood. I usually put this on at night time after my shower, it is a huge part of my night time routine. I cannot go to bed without some kind of lotion on.

September Favs #3

My third and final thing I been using this month is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I love concealer and I love Maybelline products. I been using their products since middle school and I feel like the Fit Me collection is the best for my skin. It covers everything so well and it has been my favorite for awhile. I have been using their powder for awhile so I decided to give the concealer a roll. I saw it trending and I purchased it off of Amazon when they had a sale. It is perfect for hiding those dark spots under my eyes because I do not get so much sleep sometimes. I feel like this is the best hack ever and the Maybelline Fit me concealer lives up to my expectation as always!

This concludes my blog, these top three items are what I have been using nonstop this past month. I highly recommend these products if you have not tried them out before. The perfume for sure is a bit of a spurge but it is definitely worth it and everything else is affordable. I try not to give you guys too much of the expensive stuff. It is fun to splurge sometimes if you have the money too! Let me know down below, if you have tried these items before?

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