Product Review: Lilly Pulitzer Quilted Kat Crossbody Bag

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I wanted to do a review of my new purse from Lilly Pulitzer! I got this purse in the Lilly Sunshine Sale that was on September 13th and 14th! It was a great experience and I talk about it more in my Lilly haul here! If you would like to check that out it will be linked.

Lilly Pulitzer Quilted Crossbody Bag

This bag is called the Quilted Kat Crossbody Bag. I thought the bag would be so pretty and cute for this season! Lilly is known for it’s bright colors but they have some pretty neutral colors as well! I love the gold metal with the black, I think it makes it look more expensive and higher quality. Plus I think black will go with my wardrobe for fall and winter! This purse was smaller than I thought it would be, I was expecting it to be a little wider. However, it does hold the essentials that I need including: phone, wallet, keys, and a lip gloss. I am sad it cannot fit everything I usually carry but lets be honest do I really need all that stuff? This will be nice for light weight and I do not have worry about lugging a lot around. I think it was still worth it because it holds the main items I need.

I am so glad I was able to get a purse in the Lilly Sunshine Sale, they usually go so fast! The accessories usually all go out of stock first. I was not the first like group in line in fact I waited an hour wait before I could even get into the sale. So when I saw that this purse was available I jumped on it. It was pretty expensive in my opinion especially for how small it is. I paid $69 and the original price was $188.

Overall, I really have been enjoying my purse and I cannot wait to get more use out of it! I hope you all have a great week! Also let me know in the comments down below what purse you are using this fall!

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