Halloween Candy Table DIY

Halloween Candy Table DIY

Hey everyone! Halloween is upon us and I am super excited! This year my best friend is coming to visit me for Halloween and she will be here for one week! I have only seen her once out of this whole time during the pandemic because she does not live close! We celebrated Halloween one time before back in High School but now we are up for a girls night for Halloween this year! So this year we wanted to make a Halloween Candy Table for the Trick or Treaters because we thought it would be so fun! Honestly putting stuff like this together puts me in a way better mood because it is calm and relaxing. I am going to let you know all the supplies we are going to use to decorate and let you know which stores you can find it at. Everything will be affordable and not expensive at all.

I did get all of this stuff from Target so go head to Target to get these fun Halloween decorations. The first thing I got for us is a table cloth, your going to need one of these because A) it is pretty and B) kids are messy. I mainly like it because it really sets the whole theme of your Halloween Table and pulls it all together. I love how it is orange and has pumpkins on it. I think the faces are really cute they are like happy, creepy, and silly faces. The second thing I got are paper plates and napkins that match the table cloth. They have some of the silly faces as well. I wish the napkins were orange instead of black but I guess it makes sense so you can see the pumpkin faces. I thought it would be really cool to maybe put Halloween cookies out to give to the kids or some kind of dessert. I was also thinking of putting like little pumpkin table confetti. I have not found any of that yet but I will probably order it off of Amazon or something. I will definitely be posting a picture of this on my blog after Halloween is over so you guys will have a better idea of how I decorate with these items. The reason why I picked orange and black for the theme colors is because the candy bucket I got last year from Target is these colors. I cannot wait to show you girls when it comes together.

This concludes my blog today, it was a bit short because there will be an update on this post later on. If you want to know more about my Halloween Candy Table set up, subscribe down below! I am so excited for Halloween because it is one of my favorite holidays and my best friend is coming visit! I hope you girls have a great Halloween and enjoyed my little preview!

Questions: What is your favorite part of Halloween? Are you doing any decorating? Let me know in the comments down below!

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3 thoughts on “Halloween Candy Table DIY

  1. Love the little decorations you’ll use for the table!
    Favourite part about Halloween – definitely dressing up! And the overall, fall vibe of it all. I did some decorating earlier this month for the season, but I recently a few Halloween touches here and there. I plan to do an update on that soon 🙂

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