Haul: What’s New at Hobby Lobby?

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Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great week! I wanted to go over some finds I found at Hobby Lobby, it has been a hot minute since I last popped into Hobby Lobby. My best friend was in town this past week and we thought to look at some fall décor! In this blog post, I wanted to go over some things I found and what you girls might find helpful! Let me know in the comments down below if you want to see more content like this! This will be a haul type blog post and I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on some of the items I got.

Haul Item #1

The first item I found was this pink coffee mug, now for someone who loves pink I do not have a pink coffee mug. I know so hard to believe I do not have a lot of coffee mugs to begin with because I usually go to Starbucks for my coffee. So I saw this coffee mug that says Mascara and Coffee and I just thought it explained my personality so well. It is such a cute girly mug and it is so me!

Haul Item #2

The second thing I got was the cute journal it says “Today is a great day” I thought it was something cute to lay on my desk. Plus you can never have enough journals for school. I am so happy with how cute everything is! I love that Hobby Lobby has sayings on their stuff which really gives it character.

Haul Item #3

The last thing I got there was some table confetti. I got these fall leaves for our Halloween table. I talk more about that here! I wanted some more decorations for our candy table that we had put out on Halloween night! It really pulled together the whole theme and it turned out great!

Overall, I am super happy with all my purchases, it has been a long time since I been into Hobby Lobby and looking at all this fall decor really got me in the spirit. Also, I found cute pink items to match my room because we cannot have enough pink. I also cannot wait start looking for some Christmas stuff! It is so crazy how fast this year is going, it needs to slow down! Let me know in the comments down below which item is your favorite item!

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