Product Review: Buxom Lip Balm

Buxom Lip Balm

Do you struggle with finding the perfect lip balm? I feel like no lip balms work that great for me. There are ones that smell really good and work OK. I just wish there were ones that would last longer. I think lip balms or Chap sticks do not last that long and I am constantly reapplying which I find is pretty annoying. I mean who wants to always be reapplying? I wish they had something like liquid lipsticks for lip balms, maybe they already do. Let a girl know because I love trying new things!

I got this Buxom lip balm a couple weeks ago and have been trying it since to give y’all a full review. The Buxom lip balm was $18 so it is on the pricey side for lip balm. It does last awhile but it still does not last as long as I would like. I thought the high end stuff would last but I do not think I will be repurchasing. I do like it enough to use / finish it but I do not like that does not last as long as I hoped it would.

The other disadvantage is that I am not a fan of is that the smell is not that great. I like lip balms that smell good, that is why I am a fan of Eos collection of lip balms. They have variety of smells and are my favorite for that reason. The only con is that I wish they lasted longer. That seems to be my big issue with different lip balms.

Overall, I will be using more of my lip balm and I am enjoying it for something different. Even though it has some cons I am still glad I purchased it for something different. I like trying new products for you y’all that way you know what to buy. I hope you girls have a great week and let me know down below what your favorite lip balm is?!

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