A Gift Guide: Top 10 Gift Ideas for College Girls

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is doing good! I cannot believe that it is gift season again and we all need ideas for friends and family. Now today I am going to be helping you with what to get college girls for Christmas. I feel like everyone gets stuck on shopping for college students because no one really knows what they need. Well since I am a college student I can spill all the tea on what college girls will like and be using. I hope this gift guide is helpful and let me know in the comments down below if you want to see more of this content!

Victoria’s Secret Slippers

So, the first item I think is super cute and useful is slippers. Like ya girl feet get cold so easy and everyone will appreciate warm feet especially around this time of year. This will be a super cute and useful Christmas gift.

Air Pods

The second item is Airpods, now these are on the more expensive side because duh you need to be able to listen to music, just kidding. Anyways they are super useful for Zoom to attend class online, are super useful to listen to lectures, and will be useful for other daily activities.

Vera Bradley: Duffle

The fourth item is a travel duffle, I feel like these are super helpful girls are on to go with coming back home from college often, or just doing fun weekend road trips. Vera Bradley is perfect for this because their fabric lasts awhile and they come in like varities of patterns to choose from that will fit any girl!

HP Laptop

For number five I am going to have to go with another electronic item. I feel like every girl needs a fast and good quality laptop. Especially for nowadays because more colleges moved online and are not doing as much in person classes. This way us college girls can stay productive and be able to make it to our online lectures.

Too Faced: Cinnamon Swirl Eyeshadow Palette

Now for the sixth item lets get into some beauty products like makeup has to be must! I know it is always on my Christmas list! I usually ask for the makeup items that I hold off on because I do not want pay that price tag.

Amazon: Bedroom Lights

The seventh item will be cute lights. Now a lot of college girls like pretty lights to decorate their rooms. I use a lot of these and it is nice to have pretty lights to look at when it is dark out. Especially during the winter months when it gets dark outside early, I really enjoy making my room all cute and festive.

Vera Bradley: Mini Hipster

The eighth item is a cute travel purse. I think these would be super helpful for putting in your luggage. Vera Bradley has the mini hipster and they work so perfectly. They even have a place for all your credit cards and ID’s, which is super useful.

Kendra Scott: Rose Quartz Earrings

For the ninth item every girl loves jewelry right? I don’t know maybe it is just me but Kendra Scott is one my favorite places to go and you can never go wrong with their traditional stud earrings. These earrings never hurt my ears and are really good quality.

Ariana Grande: Sweet Like Candy Perfume

The last item is perfume, now every person obviously might have their own favorite scents. So, if you give this gift you have to really know the person or know exactly what they like. Just for the sake of showing a picture I will leave my favorite perfume here!

I hope this helps! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and let me know down below what’s on your Christmas list!

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