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I am back with another blog post! Today we are going to be talking about holiday outfit ideas. I love looking for festive clothes for the holiday season because it is so much fun! I have three different looks and I will tell you where I got all three of these outfits. Some of them are newer pieces and some are a bit older that I have had in my closet for years but they held up great! Christmas is a fun time with friends and family and I wish y’all a Happy Holiday Season!

Look Book Outfit #1

The first outfit we are going to talk about here is this cute holiday blouse! I love the ruffles they really bring something special to the outfit, don’t you think? I also love the traditional Christmas pattern and it is super pretty and festive. It will be perfect for any holiday event or just casually going to school. Now, I also got some faux leather shorts as well. I saw that these were trending for the season and I thought I would give them try! They are a little out of my comfort zone but why not? Obviously it is Christmas! This outfit is from Francesca’s! I know you probably have a problem looking for cute Christmas outfits and this is what I am here for, let me know how you would styles these outfits!

Look Book Outfit #2

The second outfit we are going to talk about is this dress! I am sorry if these outfits are not warm enough I do live in Texas so it is 80-degrees most of the year! If you live in the south these outfits might help a lot! I got this dress about five years ago but I mainly only wear it in December so it has lasted awhile. I am a big sucker for lace and I am loving the red holiday color! It is the perfect shade of red and it goes with these cute little black wedges I own! This whole outfit is from Palais Royal. Now this store did go out of business but there are plenty other department stores with similar dresses!

Look Book Outfit #3

Lastly the third outfit. I am completely obsessed with this one! I also have had this in my closet for quite sometime now! I love how the top is lace and how it flares at the bottom. I just paired it with a black skirt which looks really classy. Now this is good outfit for dressing up a bit for holiday parties or events! Honestly, I have even worn this to church! I just added a cute red coat to make it more festive and to cover my shoulders a bit. I got this whole outfit at Target so was not real expensive at all, even though it looks expensive! Let me know down below which is your favorite outfit!

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