The Top 3 Moisturizers That You Should Be Using!

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Hi girls!

I want to talk about some moisturizers that I have been using this past year! I am now ready to rank my top favorites to my least favorites and maybe one of these moisturizers will work for you. The one thing I do not entirely like about moisturizers is that some make me break out easily. I am not sure why. It must be how my skin is but I have tried different moisturizers and I will let you know which ones I like and dislike with details.

Clinique Moisturizer

The first moisturizer is my absolute favorite moisturizer so far. It is the Clinique Moisture Surge. I recently just purchased this at Ulta Beauty and it is my favorite moisturizer as of right now! It has not broken my skin out and it makes my skin feel refreshed. It is a bit expensive which is a disadvantage but I got the smallest size and paid $17 on sale. There is not much of a sale going on now. I purchased this one after the holidays. If you want a sale price there is a sale on Clinique on January 22nd because Ulta is having monthly skincare sales this month only! For the best results I fee like this is a fall and winter type moisturizer.

St. Ives Moisturizer

The second moisturizer is by St. Ives and it is more affordable because it is a drug store brand which is a plus. I like this one not only for the price but it also does not feel so heavy on my skin, because I do not like things that feel heavy or greasy. This is really light on my skin and it feels like you have nothing on which I love. I feel like this product really gets the job done for the price. For the best results I feel like this is more of a spring and summer type moisturizer.

Tarte H20 Moisturizer

The third moisturizer is the Tarte drink of h20, I got this is a fab fit fun box awhile back and it was one of my favorite moisturizers for the longest time. I started to notice even though it was really hydrating it did start to break me out. I thought that was weird because it did not break me out for the longest time. Maybe it expired? I am not sure how long should you keep moisturizers because I’m not sure lol 😀 I might give it another try if I can find it because I have not seen it at Ulta recently. Overall, it is a nice moisturizer if your skin is really dry and it does a good job of hydrating your skin. Let me know down below what moisturizer you use!

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