Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a hot minute, I been off my blogging game lately but I am hoping to get back into it and get out of this funk! So I have a little Victoria’s Secret haul and am exited to show y’all what I got! I got this stuff about a month ago in the mail because I have not had much time to go out and shop. Half of these items were on sale and the stuff I got at Pink was not because it is their new spring collection. I was lucky enough to have some coupons though to use on the Pink side. Now let’s get into this haul and I hope you enjoy!

Victoria’s Secret Robe

The first item I got is a robe and this is my favorite purchase from this haul. First off it is so soft so every time I have it on I fall asleep fast which is super crazy. It is so warm and cozy and it was worth a bit of a splurge now this item was on sale for $35 I was not sure if it was part of the semi annual or just a regular sale they had going on for Valentine’s Day. Either way I am glad I found this item on sale, I got it in black with it saying Victoria’s Secret in pink on the back which I think is the best part! I originally wanted the white with the pink but sadly they did not have those has an option but I am happy to have a Victoria’s Secret robe because they are great quality.

Cheers Again Body Lotion

The second item I got was the Victoria’s Secret body lotion in the scent Cheers Again, this smells so good and is a good scent to have going into the New Year, it just seems like a fun scent for the holidays season but yet you can wear it all year around because why not be extra? It smells juicy, I am not good at explaining scents but if this scent is still on the Victoria’s Secret website I do recommend you trying it. It is a good holiday scent for any accession. I got this for $6 which is such a steal because these are normally like $20 but do not quote me.

Keychain ID Case

The third item I got was this card case keychain charm. I love using tiny card cases as my wallet because I do not like carrying huge purses, I like to carry like small or medium size crossbody bags. I don’t like having anything to big or bulky to lug around and this card case works prefect with my purses . I paid around $8 so was about half off which is good. I will begetting a lot of use out of it, plus their accessories feel really good quality and soft for not being real leather. Plus these prices you cannot beat.

Pink tank

Now for the Pink side, I got this cute pink tank top and I thought it was so cute with the open back. I feel like it is the perfect top to workout in because it is so light and breezy. I really the color of course it is a perfect shade of bubble gum pink I feel like. I really love what they had this year for spring and I am super excited to wear this top to the gym!

Pink campus shot sleeve tee

The last thing I got from the pink side is this light purple shirt! When I saw it was sparkly I just knew it had to come home with me, I have not seen Pink make anything like this in a long time. Plus I am really into sparkles it just adds a little fun to my day don’t ya think? I do love this shade of purple and is a close second after Pink of course because this shade of purple is perfect for spring as well!

I hope y’all enjoyed this little haul , and let me know in the comments down below if you want more content like this! Also let me know what’s your fav item from this haul 😊

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