California Vacation, 2022

Hi Girls!

Today I want to talk to you guys about my summer vacation I took last month! I went to go visit my family in Rancho Cucamonga, California for my cousin’s high school graduation. This city is outside of Los Angles and has a beautiful view of the mountains. I absolutely love visiting my family there and you cannot beat the weather it is absolutely perfect. I have not been there since the pandemic started and I was so happy this year we were able to go back since we’re all vaccinated!

Congrats to the Class of 2022

This whole vacation was really meant for my cousin so I just want to say congrats to the class of 2022! I did help my aunt a lot with a lot of party decorations and of course helping out with the end of the school year. I really enjoyed the time with my family since we do not see each other as much, especially since my cousins and I are on different life schedules. I am so glad we got to hangout and make more memories. Let’s talk about where we stayed, so my mom, brother, and I stayed in this beautiful hotel. My aunt did not have the room for us since my grandparents were staying with them. We stayed at the Residence Inn, the hotel had a great pool, basketball courts, and a nice patio with a fire pit and place to grill. They also had a place for laundry, free breakfast, and of course free WIFI. I really enjoyed my stay there, the staff was friendly and the hotel was nice and clean.

Huntington Beach

Let’s now talk about some of the fun things I did, so we did go to Huntington Beach and I went two different days. One was a girls day with my mom and my aunt then one was a day with my cousins. The beaches are really pretty there and I did not feel as hot as I would on these Texas and Florida beaches LOL. I just love a good beach day especially in the summer. We also needed some days to relax after running a bunch of errands for my cousin’s graduation party.

The other place we hungout at for another break was Victoria Gardens, it is kind of like an outdoor shopping mall and the landscaping is gorgeous. Of course I love to shop so I had a shopping day with my aunt, another fun girls day. It was over Memorial Day weekend so there were a lot of good sales happening that we could not say no too, I got my perfume I been wanting for my birthday and I got a new pair of sun glasses that I desperately needed. I talked about my new perfume in my recent blog post here if you want to check that out!

Overall, I really enjoyed my summer vacation, it was nice to get out from all the craziness that has been happening in my life lately. I am grateful I got to spend time with family and we were able to celebrate the happiness in life for a great occasion. This is sadly my only big vacation this summer but I do have a weekend trip to Galveston coming up in August! So please stay tuned for that if interested, also let me know down in the comments where your going this summer or just share your summer plans?!

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