The Month of June Favorites

Hi Girls!

This week we are going to go over some of my June favorites. This is basically going to be kind of random because I am rounding up all my favorites from the month of June. I have some topics in fashion, beauty, accessories, etc. I have been loving a lot of things lately and I am excited to share with y’all! I really think it is super important to have all these summer essentials because they have been a huge help for me and even make my life a bit easier.

The first item we are going to talk about is this Vera Bradley beach pouch, I bought this back in April at the outlets because there was a good sale on cute pouch. I love the print the pouch has lemons all over it. It really gives me that summer vibe which I love when my stuff goes with the seasons. The pouch fits basically my sunscreen, hand sanitizer, hair ties, sunglasses, and my phone! So it does hold a decent amount of stuff that I would need at the pool or the beach.

Vera Bradley Beach Pouch

The second item we are going to talk about is my new pair of sunglasses, I got them at Victoria’s Secret from the Pink side. They are so stinking cute, of course I had to choose the rose gold bc that is my favorite mental ever! I also like how it matches my Apple watch not going to lie, along with a lot of everyday jewelry that I wear anyways! They seem to be pretty sturdy and I do think they are good quality and will hold up for awhile. They were originally like $20 but I got them for $10! I really love when I can find things on sale because why pay full price when you do not have to.

Pink Rose Gold Sunglasses

The third item we are going to talk about is the Reduce cup, I got this this cup at Target. It is the perfect dupe for the Stanley cup, I was looking into buying that cup but $40 is a bit expressive to me. This Reduce cup at Target is $24 and it is just as good. It keeps your water cold like almost all day and my ice seems to still be frozen most of the day as well! This is so perfect for those pool and beach days so I been using this cup none stop!

Reduce Cold1 40oz

This next item is also a must for me, it is called the Quick Fix and it removes your makeup. It is basically and eraser pen for your makeup when you make mistakes. I found it on Amazon and it totally saves me for having to redo my makeup when I mess up. I absolutely love how fast and simple the eraser pen is to use. I feel like Instagram makes me buy a lot of stuff but it is super helpful these ideas we find on social media!

Quick Fix

The last item we are going to talk about is the Vera Bradley Work Tote Bag. I took this on my Vacation to California and it was super helpful. I defiantly will be using this one I go to Galveston this August as well! I got it for my birthday back in May which was the perfect time because the week after my birthday we left for California! I love how my laptop got perfectly and I was able to put other electronic items in as well! The bag has a lot of pockets and a pocket to slip over your luggage which is super handy too! I do not remember exactly how much mine was mine also had a sale on it so I did not pay full price. I will put the price of the one I found online for reference though which is $165. I highly recommend this tote bag for any up coming traveling!

Vera Bradley Work Tote Bag

Overall, I hope y’all enjoyed my June favorites, hope you have a happy 4th! Also let me know down below what you were loving last month?!

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