Summer Swimsuits You Need!

Hi Girls!

In this weeks blog post I wanted to share a swimsuit haul with y’all! Like why not? It is the season for swimsuits and I would love to give you guys some ideas on some comfortable but cute swimsuits you can wear to the beach, pool, or whatever your plans are this summer in the water! I usually live at the beach so that is mainly my main summertime water event in the summer because I do not live so far from one, which I personally love. Let me know what you favorite summer activity is in the comments down below, now let’s get into this haul! Sorry it is a bit short because I only got two new ones this year!

Swimsuit #1

The first swimsuit I have is from Target and I think this one is my absolute favorite one that I got this year. It is so comfortable and it fits me really nice. I wanted a one piece because I sometimes like to be more comfortable but I love how it shows some of my stomach so the swimsuit can also feel like a two piece in a way! Plus I feel like black is a good color on me and makes me look more thinner which is always a plus!

Swimsuit #2

The second swimsuit that I have is from Victoria’s Secret Pink side, I wanted a bikini this year because I feel like I have not have gotten one in awhile. When I went the swimsuits were on sale for $15 which I thought was a good sale for Pink. I have never seen a lot of sales on their swimsuits so when I saw this I jumped right on it! I love this color of purple this has been one of my fav colors besides pink duh, I feel like this color has been super trendy this year because I have this color in other clothes of course! Anyways I did get a little bit of a larger size so it is a bit big on me but I have made it work! So I think the sizes are true to size, just the medium sized look so small to me but I guess it wasn’t. I got the large so that’s my only complaint but it was my own fault for sizing up Lol. Other than that I think the swimsuit is super cute and comfortable and I have been enjoying it!

Overall, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post this week, I hope you all are having an amazing summer! Let me know if you want to see more content down below! Also share where your favorite new swimsuit is from!

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Hi girls! My name is Sarah, I absolutely love makeup and fashion! I cannot wait to help y'all out! A few fun facts: I love Dance, Netflix, and the Beach. Blog posts will go up on Sunday's.

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