Bath and Body Works Halloween Haul 2022

Hi Girls,

On this weeks blog post I wanted to talk about my Bath and Body Works haul. This is also going to be Halloween themed, I love Halloween it is one of my favorite holidays and I am excited to share this haul with y’all. I know it is still summer and I do not want summer to end obviously but fall is my favorite season, I do not know why but it always has been. I guess I just like all the pumpkin stuff that comes out and I love the smells from Autumn. I am enjoying summer right now because I do not want to go back to school so I am soaking my last month of summer and I am looking forward to my last vacation until I have to go back! So I am sorry for the early fall content but as we know stores are ahead of the seasons, plus I love fall!

So the first thing I got is a hand sanitizer holder which is called the PocketBac Holder. I got the Pumpkin Milkshake one and he is so adorable! This will be perfect on my keys, of course in September not right now lol. I absolutely love that he looks like a coffee frap in my opinion and of course he has a happy pumpkin face on him which is adorable! He is originally $6.95 and I got him for $5.56 because I had received some coupons in the mail.

Pumpkin Milkshake PocketBac

Then the next thing I got where some wallflower refills, now I have a lot of summer ones right now but I needed some for fall because I absolutely had none, and I love fall smells so I had to get some. The scents I got are Pumpkin Spice and Pumpkin Clove which smell amazing! I cannot wait to start using these next month as well! I got these for free because I had a free coupon for two wallflower refills. The original price for these are $7.50.

Wallflower Refill

The last thing I got is a little hand sanitizer because now a days you can never have too much hand sanitizer! I always carried hand sanitizer with me anyways even before the pandemic because I hate getting sick. I like to be able to get up and do stuff I want, like who wants to lay in bed and feel like crap all week? I don’t, but maybe some people do but that’s everyone’s own opinion! Anyways so I got the White Pumpkin scent and I am loving it, I cannot to wait to use that with my PocketBac holder next month! It is originally $1.95 and I got it for $1.56 with my coupon, I never spend full price when I go to Bath and Body!

I hope you enjoyed my little Bath and Body Works haul! I am obsessed with everything I got and I cannot wait to use them next month and I am so excited for fall! Let me know down below what your favorite fall scent is from Bath and Body Works? 🙂

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