Galveston TX Vacation, 2022

Hi Girls,

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer, sadly school is approaching and this is my last vacation blog I will be writing about for the summer season 😦 I do have some exciting events though coming up in September and I cannot wait to share with y’all but for now we’re going to talk about my Galveston vacation. This vacation was so fun because I did a little girls trip with my best friend, and I so needed this girls trip after the past few years we had, so it was well needed!

The Strand

So the first day when we got there we decided to go the the hotel to see if our room was ready but it was not, so to kill time we ended up going to The Strand for some shopping! I love the historical vibe downtown Galveston has and The Strand is so cute and ancient looking in the best way! Of course I got some cute earrings at my favorite store down there which is called Mercantile on The Strand. I found this place last year or the year before, not too sure but I found this store during the pandemic because Galveston was our “vacation” spot the past two years because of all this craziness! It is a cute little gift shop store with hair accessories, jewelry, bags, home décor, etc. I absolutely love this store because they have such cute, fun, unique things that you cannot get anywhere else! I highly recommend checking this store out if you are ever in Galveston, TX. We also hit other stores obviously and did some damage, it was a fun day! After we did all that we decided to check in to our hotel, which we stayed at the Quality Inn down there and we had a pretty good experience. The hotel had a indoor and outdoor pool, free breakfast, and we were right across from the beach. That night after we went to The Strand and got some Door dash delivered to our hotel we decided to do some mini golf since it is a bit cooler at night. The mini golf course was so cool and really fun, it was a tad windy but your at the beach so it’s expected.

The second day we spent a lot of time at the beach and pool, it was good until the rain came! It’s ok though because it was not for long and it was just a good trip to spend with my best friend 🙂 That night we went out to dinner because the rain did clear away and we ate at the Brick House Tavern + Tap. I had a great burger because I am a huge burger girl and I tried the zombie drink and apparently made me a little fuzzy lol. It is a good thing I was not driving that night! The food was delicious and I really recommend that place if your looking for a place to eat in Galveston!


The third day we went to the beach real early in the morning, did some shopping on the pier, and got some ice cream. It is not a vacation without ice cream, am I right? We did not do as much because we did leave the third day, we had to checkout out of our hotel and do some packing, basically things like that. Then we stopped at Starbucks and basically headed out! It was a vacation I really needed after the two and half years we have had and was so happy I could spend this time with my best friend!

Questions: Where did you go this summer? Did everyone have a great summer? Let me know in the comments down below!

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