Lilly Pulitzer Headband Experience/Review!

Hi Guys! Have y’all seen the new line of headbands Lilly Pulitzer and Lele Sadoughi put out last week? They are so expensive the price starts at $40 and goes up from there. Let me tell you my shopping experience with this so you know what to expect. You can go to to buyContinue reading “Lilly Pulitzer Headband Experience/Review!”

My Favorite Kate Spade Purse!

Hi Guys! I am super excited to be writing about this purse. I have wanted a Kate Spade purse for years but never really wanted to spend the money. This past January, I saw an online ad saying 75% sale which I jumped right on and bought this purse with left over Christmas money. IContinue reading “My Favorite Kate Spade Purse!”

Should You Buy: The Hannah Knotted Bow Flip Flop Sandals – A New Day

Should you buy the Hannah Knotted Bow Flip Flop Sandals? I got these sandals at Target and they are super affordable and comfortable. I got them at Target since these sandals were at the affordable price of $14.99. When you go to the store, you tend to look at products you want to buy thatContinue reading “Should You Buy: The Hannah Knotted Bow Flip Flop Sandals – A New Day”