MILANI Rose Powder Blush

Hi Guys! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I wanted to talk to you guys about this blush I recently purchased. I love blush, I think it is one of my favorite makeup products. I use it obviously for my cheeks but I also put some on my nose and chin to giveContinue reading “MILANI Rose Powder Blush”

Lilly Pulitzer Headband Experience/Review!

Hi Guys! Have y’all seen the new line of headbands Lilly Pulitzer and Lele Sadoughi put out last week? They are so expensive the price starts at $40 and goes up from there. Let me tell you my shopping experience with this so you know what to expect. You can go to to buyContinue reading “Lilly Pulitzer Headband Experience/Review!”

My Current Skincare Routine

Hi Guys! I wanted to talk to to you guys about my nightly skincare routine! I know a lot of you girls have different ways of doing your skin care routine. This is just how I do mine, so there is no right or wrong way to do this. I like to use drug storeContinue reading “My Current Skincare Routine”