Essence I Love Extreme Mascara!

Hi Guys! I wanted to talk to you guys about one this mascara I recently tried out! I am a big mascara girl because that is one of my actual favorite makeup products. I saw that this mascara was trending on TikTok along with some others by the Essence brand as well. I saw itContinue reading “Essence I Love Extreme Mascara!”

Summer Vacation, Galveston TX !

Hi Guys! Today I wanted to write about my summer vacation I took last week and give you some tips on your next beach vacation! I am a sucker for the beach and I absolute love it, I go to the beach with my family at least twice a year. Usually, during the summer andContinue reading “Summer Vacation, Galveston TX !”

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow Review

Hi Guys! I wanted to go over a new makeup brand that I have never used before. Colour Pop has been coming up alot on my Instagram feed so I thought I would try it out! I decided to go to Ulta Beauty last week and try some of their Super Shock Shadow because IContinue reading “Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow Review”

What I Learned So Far After A Month Of Blogging

Hi Guys! My blog is not that old, in fact really I just started it about a month ago. With that said, I wanted to go over some things I have learned along the way. The first thing that I learned along the way is that I had to maintain a schedule. It is hardContinue reading “What I Learned So Far After A Month Of Blogging”

My Favorite Kate Spade Purse!

Hi Guys! I am super excited to be writing about this purse. I have wanted a Kate Spade purse for years but never really wanted to spend the money. This past January, I saw an online ad saying 75% sale which I jumped right on and bought this purse with left over Christmas money. IContinue reading “My Favorite Kate Spade Purse!”