Back to In Person Class

Hi Guys! I wanted to talk to you guys about my first day of in person class. I have not been in to school since Covid-19 first started. It felt really good to get up and start dressing cute again. I love being able to find outfits in my closet for school; I always thoughtContinue reading “Back to In Person Class”

Should You Buy the Sony SRS-XB12?

Hi Guys! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! I wanted to talk to you guys about my favorite wireless speaker that I got for my birthday this past May! I have been using it all summer non-stop and it is so nice to have because I had no way of listening to musicContinue reading “Should You Buy the Sony SRS-XB12?”

Summer Vacation, Galveston TX !

Hi Guys! Today I wanted to write about my summer vacation I took last week and give you some tips on your next beach vacation! I am a sucker for the beach and I absolute love it, I go to the beach with my family at least twice a year. Usually, during the summer andContinue reading “Summer Vacation, Galveston TX !”

What I Learned So Far After A Month Of Blogging

Hi Guys! My blog is not that old, in fact really I just started it about a month ago. With that said, I wanted to go over some things I have learned along the way. The first thing that I learned along the way is that I had to maintain a schedule. It is hardContinue reading “What I Learned So Far After A Month Of Blogging”

Vera Bradley Monthly and Weekly Planner Review!

Hi Guys! I am a huge fan of Vera Bradley’s products, I have everything from travel size makeup bags, purses, and of course cute things for my desk! Ever since I started college I been obsessed with Vera Bradley’s planners because they help me stay so organized! They even have the cutest pens to match!Continue reading “Vera Bradley Monthly and Weekly Planner Review!”

Should You Buy the UBeesize Ring Light Tripod?

Hi Guys! I wanted to do review over my new tripod that I recently just purchased. I got the UBeesize tripod off of Amazon the other day and they have so many different reviews over different ones. This could be overwhelming but hopefully my honest opinion will help you decide if the UBeesize tripod isContinue reading “Should You Buy the UBeesize Ring Light Tripod?”